Volume 1

Volume 1

Dear Frank,
How can you be so handsome? Do you use any special product to get your ears looking so well-groomed? What is your favorite thing to do in PV?


First of all, thank you for noticing how guapo I am. I get plenty of beauty rest throughout the day, and I love sleeping in the Vallarta morning sun (when I'm not in bed, of course).

My favorite thing to do in PV is explore! Aside from all of the great activities and things to do here in PV, there are endless streets of neighborhoods full of adventure. If you have the time or like a nice walk, go "up" a few streets from the Malecon or wherever you may be and spend some time with the locals (both Mexican and expat!). Sample a few taco stands, buy a pair of real huaraches, and get a feel for the life so many people here love. If you get too lost, you can always hop in a cab!

Dearest Frank,
What is Pacifico’s secret ingredient?


Ah, Pacifico! That sweet honey-colored pilsener with the yellow label!

I digress. Pacifico’s ingredients were something I too wondered about awhile back, so I did some very complicated experiments. I found that the ingredients of Pacifico are water, malt, hops, yeast, and awesomeness. In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel that it’s only right to mention that after two years of rigorous scientific inquiry, I discovered that Indio beer has even a little more awesomeness than Pacifico.

Until next time,



Have you ever wondered how to get a mole stain out of the carpet? Or why you keeping hearing that bugle song they play before horse races out on the street? Or how to type the "@" sign on a Mexican keyboard? If so, you've come to the right place: Ask Frank.

A native of Puerto Vallarta, Frank was born in 2003 to a Chihuahua mother and a Daschund father. He's a bit of a Renaissance man - his interests are almost as numerous as his nicknames. With a vast wealth of knowledge under his collar (and all by the age of six, no less!), Frank's next job was perfect: advice columnist.

So, if you have a burning question about Puerto Vallarta, Mexican culture in general, or anything else, email it along with your name and hometown to info@pvpulse.com.

Website: www.pvpulse.com/en/community/blogs/ask-frank

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  • Comment Link Doggy Gilmour (AKA Gilly), PV Jueves 24 de Junio de 2010 13:55 posted by Doggy Gilmour (AKA Gilly), PV

    Dear Frank,

    I have heard members of your heritage refered to as "Chiweanies". Do you feel this is derogatory? I am a Chihuahua and I have a crush on a beautiful Daschund lady. I'm sure any off-spring we would produce would be muy guapo (like yourself), but I worry about name-calling.

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