Written by Mariano Montes De Oca
Sunset at Yelapa Sunset at Yelapa

Mexico has a reputation for being a laid-back place. Time seems to flow more slowly on our beaches, and there’s one place in particular where this effect seems amplified: Yelapa, a small beach town on the southern end of Banderas Bay. Nestled between the Sierra Madres and Pacific Ocean, Yelapa has no drivable roads leading into it, so you must get there by water.

Yelapa tours are available through Vallarta Adventures. Other visitors arrive on a panga, a small Mexican fishing boat, which you can take from either the pier on Los Muertos beach or from Boca de Tomatlan. The pangas will drop you off right on Yelapa’s beaches. Once there, you can walk around the town, find a place to relax and eat on the beach, or venture into the mountains to see the Yelapa waterfall. Lodging is available in the down-to-earth resorts and inns around the area.

When I visit Yelapa, I usually stay for a day or two. I notice that each day I’m there, my mind seems more relaxed and my shoulders start inching back toward the ground. My favorite place to stay is the hotel on the beach. We enjoy listening to the waves day and night, and our kids take full advantage of the shallow waters and sandy shores to swim and play.

Yelapa is an interesting community that has been dear to expatriates since the 1960s. As a result, the town offers a fusion of culture and ideas. When you visit, you’ll notice the friendliness and creativity of the locals who enjoy the pace of life in Yelapa. After 5 or 6 P.M., most of the tourist boats leave, and you can experience the quiet beach and watch the sunset in a hammock or beach chair. Stepping out at night, you’ll find candlelit bars and restaurants perfect for a romantic dinner or a glass of wine.

Here at pv pulse, Yelapa holds a special place in our hearts. We think everyone that visits Puerto Vallarta should venture out to experience this remote paradise – we’re sure you’ll cherish it.

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