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Outstanding Performance By Calvin Harris At XTine

Calvin Harris last night at XTine Calvin Harris last night at XTine LD - pv pulse

Last night the crowd at XTine witnessed a truly outstanding performance by Scottish artist, producer and remixer Calvin Harris. The night was spectacular from the beginning as DJ 3LAU, who will be the main DJ this Friday at XTine, quickly set the mood with an electrifying set that confirms him as one of the biggest promises in the electronic music scene.

Citing Deadmau5, Steve Angello, Porter Robinson, Avicii, and Calvin Harris as his key influences, 3LAU strives to combine his talents of producing and singing to penetrate an emerging genre, post-progressive house. 3LAU's credentials as a fresh face in the game are undeniable. From thousands of Hypem favorites and top ranked tracks to critical acclaim from Tiesto, he will undoubtedly continue to grow and conquer.

But the night was all about Calvin Harris, and the creator of “Bounce” didn’t disappoint the huge crowd that was there to see him playing at Puerto Vallarta for the first time ever.

Harris is an unusual talent and his sets are unusual. To give you an idea of the kind of character we are talking about, is interesting to know that Calvin Harris skipped the usual apprenticeship in the clubs or on indie labels, going from posting his own D.I.Y. electroclash music online through MySpace and similar sites to signing with the multinational giant EMI almost in a single step.

He’s original, authentic, and that reflects on his music and performances. Since the moment he took over the control deck, a refreshing wave of ‘different’ music got everybody to the dance floor.

And it didn’t stop for the next two hours, it wasn’t an exhausting set, just a very balanced act, that included all the big hits that the crowd was expecting, but also some tunes that served as a counterpoint.

Once Calvin Harris masterfully finished his show, DJ 3LAU got the hard task of playing after a monster like Harris; but he did it with class, showing that he’s got what it takes.

All in all, last night has to be right there with Avicii’s performance of last week, as the two best of Electro Beach so far, or what do you think? what's been your favorite night at Electro Beach?

By the way, tonight Avicii plays once again at Puerto Vallarta, but this time at Strana… are you ready for it?

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