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Outstanding Concert of Overtones and Nahuatl Mantras by Humberto Alvarez

Written by Luis Domínguez
Humberto Alvarez performing at Casa Cupula Humberto Alvarez performing at Casa Cupula

Mexican musician and sound-healer Humberto Alvarez was introduced yesterday to the people of Puerto Vallarta with a really outstanding performance that included overtone instruments and Nahuatl (the Aztec language) mantras. 

The event called A Taste of Humberto Alvarezat the exclusive boutique hotel Casa Cupula, consisted of a conference press that was more like a friendly chat between the artist and the journalists of Puerto Vallarta, a short concert (just a taste…) by Alvarez and an intimate cocktail where attendants had the opportunity to chat with this truly unique artist.
During the press conference Humberto explained the “secrets” of his art and the logic behind the sound-healing therapy; he works with Indian and Tibetan instruments that produce overtones which are frequencies higher than the fundamental frequency of a sound and which are also called Harmonics. 
An example of these overtones in nature is the famous Tacoma Bridge Collapse caused by elementary forced resonance with the wind providing an external periodic frequency that matched the natural structural frequency he explained. Even though this theory has been disputed, it is undeniable that these sound frequencies are now considered for engineering purposes. 
According to Alvarez, we are all energy, which also means that we all vibrate at a determined frequency, these overtones help us to balance our vibrations and keep them on the right frequency, which is a frequency in harmony with nature.
Once the concert started, the public was ecstatic with the originality of Alvarez music and the peaceful and harmonic sounds that his instruments produced. 
One of the highlights of the concert came when Alvarez started singing Nahuatl mantras and asking the public to join him. So, there we were singing in an unknown ancient tongue for sound-healing purposes… It was definitely an unforgettable experience. 
When an artist of such talent and uniqueness come to our town, it is highly recommended to see him or her performing, as there are not many cultural expressions in the area of this quality and originality.

Humberto Alvarez is still in Puerto Vallarta, and he will offer a concert tonight and two workshops during the weekend: 

Friday, May 31: The Cartelera Escénica Performance
The following evening, Humberto Alvarez will participate in Melissa Castillo’s successful concert series at the CECATUR Auditorium, offering his “Concierto de Armónicos con Cuencos Tibetanos, Cuencos de Cuarzo y Mantras en Náhuatl” (Harmonics Concert with Tibetan and Quartz Bowls and Nahuatl Mantras).
“The small venue will prove to be ideal for this type of performance,” commented Castillo, who has already reported successful ticket pre-sales. Admission is $50 pesos per person, with tickets available at Los Mangos Library, or at the CECATUR auditorium, starting at 7 pm on the evening of the performance.  The CECATUR Auditorium is located at the corner of Zaragoza and Matamoros streets in El Centro.
9 pm • $50 pesos per person
Saturday, June 1 & Sunday, June 2: The Workshops
Humberto Alvarez will offer two workshops during the weekend at La Cuiza in Isla Río Cuale. Saturday’s workshop, “Free Your Voice,” will explore the use of the voice to express a variety of emotions, and should appeal to singers and performers, not to mention the general public. La Cuiza is located at Isla Río Cuale behind Oscar's Restaurant.
10 am - 2 pm • $650 pesos per person
Sunday’s workshop, also at La Cuiza, is titled “Stress Management and Meditation.” It’s aim is to develop a discipline of positive actions and to implement daily behaviors that benefit mind, body and spirit with positive, encouraging thoughts. More information is available at La Cuiza’s website.
10 am - 2 pm • $650 pesos per person
Learn more about Humberto Alvarez by visiting his website,


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