Festival Internacional de Cine Puerto Vallarta
Introduction of FICPV16

Puerto Vallarta International Film Festival will take place on different venues throughout the city from March 7th to 18th, announced Marco Antonio Cortés dean of the Centro Universitario de la Costa (CUC).

Switzerland is the guest country and there will be six sections: official, Film4Climate, gourmet, academic, kids, short films, video dance and the sexual diversity section competing for the Maguey prize.

This year, Alfonso Arau director of the classic Mexican film Como Agua para Chocolate (1992), will receive a deserved tribute, as well as the famous Spanish actress Victoria Abril (the original Almodovar Girl).

Festival Internacional de Cine Puerto Vallarta 2016

Both artists will get the coveted Golden Iguana medal, a tribute on itself to the film that put Puerto Vallarta on the map: The Night of the Iguana by John Huston.

The highlight of the festival will be the screening of Mr. Pig, a film directed by Y tu Mamá también actor Diego Luna.

The movie Guatdefoc filmed in Puerto Vallarta it’s also one of the most anticipated events of #FICPV16.

Please check the official program here for details about films, times and venues.

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