When the sun finally climbs up the Sierra Madre and sends its pink rays over the red tile roofs of Puerto Vallarta, the picture of the city waking up between the mountains and the Pacific is the perfect start for a day that promises a good life. Puerto Vallarta is so alluring because it has managed to keep the atmosphere of an era long ago forgotten. Its cobblestone streets and the tranquil approach towards life of its inhabitants, bring up a very welcome feeling of slowness, where things can be better appreciated.

Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta
Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta

Nevertheless, Modernity is all over town: big resorts and lavish condos, huge malls, amazing marinas, a variety of Puerto Vallarta golf courses, recognized high-cuisine restaurants, hip nightclubs and trendy cafes, a vibrant cultural life that includes a weekly Art Walk, a South Side Shuffle, a Farmers Market and a brand new theater. All in all, the city has the sophisticated touch that every 21st century urban creature craves for. One could say that Puerto Vallarta lives at a slow pace, but with different rhythms, according to the place and time.

The Pacific Ocean, the tropical forest and the rivers of the area, open up endless possibilities of things to do, for those that want more from their vacation than just laying down at the beach. Adrenaline driven people might choose a horseback ride through the jungle or galloping at one of the many Puerto Vallarta beaches, an ATV ride or canopy tours; the contemplative kind, have the options of whale-watching, dolphin-swimming or scuba diving.

Malecon and Old Town Vallarta
Malecon and Old Town Vallarta

Some believe that Puerto Vallarta is just “another Mexican beach town”, completely missing the point that has captivated some 50,000 expats that have chosen it as their home. This city is more about being ‘happy’, than about just ‘having a good time’. Walking down the Malecon at sunset will complete the day, contemplating the enigmatic shadows from the bronze sculptures along the pathway. That’s life, right there, the smiles of the people around you will tell you better.

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